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Knightwing Models are at the forefront of developing and producing plastic and white metal modern image kits and accessories for the discerning railway modeller for over twenty years. Steam has not been left behind as our range of items for the steam modeller is constantly growing and improving.

Our history is one which sees the staff at Knightwing, from our designers right through our production department, being railway orientated. Ian our chief designer, is a long standing modeller and railway enthusiast. Mel, the guy in charge, still reads his old Loco Spotting Combines as well as being the 'idiot' (not his description) who plunged the firm into preservation.

Knightwing Models International are also the proud owners of over ten preserved vehicles which include the Class 85 Electric loco at Barrow Hill, Roundhouse in Derbyshire.

So you can see where our funds end up, not in the back pockets of 'suits' who can't tell the difference between a Castle and a Deltic or spent hours getting wet through chasing their favourite loco around the country, camera in hand!

Please remember we are rail fans as well as modellers so we are always willing to listen to our customers. New ideas and feedback are always welcome and we are not infallible.


Here at Knightwing we are always trying to think up ways to improve our service and get a more interactive dialogue with our customers. For too many years many well known manufacturers have talked the talk but chosen to do their own thing in regard to modeller's ideas and concerns. While financial limitations stop us producing all the things we as modellers would like, we are trying to be as innovative as possible. With this in mind we are looking to you, our customers, to help us get our act together and any ideas, thoughts etc would be most welcome.

If you want to talk to Mel (he thinks he runs the firm) on any subject regarding Knightwing give him a ring after 6.00 at night. He will try to answer any question, regarding our products or listen to ways we can improve. (Tel 07765 302675).

The latest cynical, light-hearted, but somewhat serious observations on our Railway Modeling hobby by Yorkshireman Chairman Mel, taken from his 'Little Red Book', can be now be found on our website, just Click on the 'Thoughts of Chairman Mel' link in our Pages Menu.  

If in any of our White Metal kits there are items in those kits where you want more than 2/3 kits (ie where there are just one or two items, but you require 8 or 9 or whatever) we will make up special packs for you of just the item you want. Prices will vary according to the item, but we will keep the prices sensible.

Please send all enquiries to the address below.

tel: 01484 537191 - Fax: 01484 559509


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on all orders over 20.00 despatched to UK addresses
by Royal Mail.

Please note the standard 2.50 postal charge displayed on your invoice will not be charged on all orders received over 20.00.

Also we do not have a minimum order. This means you can order just one item from us.

You can place your order via this website, by post or by phone. You can also ring in the evenings or weekends - just ask for Mel who is a railway enthusiast and modeller.

We offer our customers a personal service where advice and help count as much as much as sales. Give us a try.

When buying direct we despatch within 24-48 hours of receiving your order (Mon-Fri) and if your order is 20.00 or more its post free in the UK!

We now deduct VAT (Value Added Tax/UK Sales Tax) at 20% from our advertised prices for all international orders from non EC (European Community) countries.

Postage will be charged at cost.

Unfortunately our Security Fencing is a must on most layouts these days. Check out our PM121 Security Fencing kit and PM500 and PM501 Security Fencing multi-kits.

Also our PM125 Gatehouse Control Office kits fit in nicely with these.

White metal prices have rocketed in price this year and as you know we produce a considerable number of our accessories in white metal. However, we don't intend to put our prices up in the near future our customers pay enough for their hobby and we appreciate your support as without you we would be nowhere.

If you are wondering why we don't advertise in national magazines much these days, its because certain magazines we could mention spend more time advetising their own in-house products than being independently minded.

Knightwing International, Malham Works, 33 Almondbury Bank, Huddersfield, W.Yorks HD5 8HE
Telephone (+44) 01484 537191 ** Fax (+44) 01484 559509


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